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Welcome to the Prodigal Army Website

We Are currently running on the following games and servers:

 Game Name   Server  Faction In Game Branch Name
 Game Name   Server  Faction In Game Branch Name
 Shaiya EN   Lailah  Dark Side    The Prodigal Army
 Perfect World International  Harshlands(PvP)       N/A     Prodigal
Dungeons and Dragons Online  Sarlona  N/A [Under Construction]
 Call of Duty: ELITE  Playstation Network  N/A  Prodigal Army

  1. BE ACTIVE. If you are gone for 5 days or more without an excuse, you will be booted. If you know you have to go for a while, then give us a heads up so we won't have to do this.
  2. ALWAYS PROGRESS. Gain your levels first and foremost. We, as the Prodigal Army, strive to be the very best, no matter the circumstance.
  3. PARTICIPATE. Ask your in game officers what you need to do to help your League advance in that game
Other than that, Kick ass, take names, be Prodigal! 
Guild News

Officers and Ranks

Heradrim, Apr 16, 12 2:49 PM.
Okay so some things have changed, lets get this all sorted out.

Prodigal Ranks (Over-All)
SpecterDak - Leader
Ragnarok - Counsel
Alptraume - Counsel
OverLaird - Counsel

Shaiya Officers
SpecterDak - Leader
Alptraume - Officer

Perfect World International Officers
Ragnarok - Leader
Heradrim (SpecterDak) - Director

Call of Duty: ELITE Officers
Specterdak - Leader
Lovephoenix363 (Ragnarok) - Officer

Website is up and running!

Heradrim, Mar 20, 12 1:30 PM.
The Prodigal Website is LIVE as of 1:26 PM Eastern Time, Tuesday, March 20th, 2012.
I hope you guys like it, I'll be adding a forum for suggestions, Please make some so that I can improve the appearance and usefulness of the Website. Thanks guys, keep contributing to the league, being active, and kicking ass.

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